Upon request we offer cooking classes where you can learn all the ingredients of a typical Italian cuisine, and where you can observe and assist in the preparation of dishes, along with a chef who will teach you the art of Italian cooking, particularly from Tuscany homemade pasta, bread, pizza and typical to the more complex things such as wild boar, rabbit, necci, porridge, soups, and many other recipes.

 During the cooking classes will use raw materials such as flour, eggs, olive oil, vinegar, wine, vegetables and jams produced on the farm.

So you can find out the family recipes handed down from generation to generation until today and enjoy traditional flavors and authentic, made with products of the highest quality.

After the cooking school, everyone at the table with food freshly made!

 Generally the courses take place in three to four hours per week, chosen by the customer (morning or afternoon).

 The cost of the course varies depending on teaching hours, which is roughly 25 Euros for one hour, where, however, we can offer any of the offers or discounts.

With this service we not only get you into the world of home cooking, but we guarantee the fun of creating a dish then you can prepare in your own kitchen at home.

 We will be happy to fulfill your every request.

 For more information please call 346-1672317